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Beautiful deatils at Seville's Murillo Gardens, one of the best parks in Seville!
Jardines de Murillo
Located beside the gardens of the Alcázar Palace, on the edge of the Jewish Quarter of Seville, the Jardines de Murillo are another greenery gem in Seville. With Moorish design, the gardens were also developed in anticipation of the 1929 Cultural Expo, which is why we see the monument to Christopher Columbus in the center, as the Expo was dedicated to Columbus’ travels. In 1918, the gardens were given their current name in honor of renowned sevillano artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, who was born in a house nearby.

Parque de Miraflores
Inaugurated by a residents group in the 1980’s, Parque de Miraflores doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the diversity of its vegetation! From Japanese plum trees to sprawling mulberry trees, wandering the park when these trees are in bloom is an absolute treat.
Feeling active? This enormous park, the largest in the city, is the perfect place for a jog; with running groups seen circling the central lake on a daily basis, and the park also hosts a 10km race every year. Alternatively, you can also enjoy the dog training facilities or bring the kids along to play in the playground. There is something for everyone!